New Schedule Experience - FAQS

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Experience the New and Improved Homebase Schedule! Our latest update transforms the Homebase Schedule, offering a new & improved design without compromising on the features you love. Stay tuned as we continually evolve, ensuring you're always in the loop with our latest enhancements listed below.


For Managers Only

  • Get your shift info with one click!
    • Right-click your shifts to view and edit any info, easy!

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  • Delete or Copy your shift easily!
    • No more extra steps to make easy edits, right-click to copy or delete or edit in the shift modal!

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  • Copy in Week and Month view!
    • We now have the copy feature available in the monthly view, so you can easily adjust schedules in future weeks. 

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  • Easily select the dates you would like to view at once, with more options!
    •  We now have a date picker so you can choose this week, next week, this month, next month, etc. with a view similar to Timesheets!

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  • View the next 2 weeks!
    • We can now view, edit, and publish schedules in 2-week increments! 

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  • Customize your experience with filters and views! 
    • Filter your schedule to show only what you need, and organize your employees instantly!

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  • New in your toolbox! 
    • Copy week/Print can now be found in your Tools. 

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  • Easily know if your shifts are unpublished/published.
    • Published shifts are now shown with a dashed line border, and published shifts are solid blocks with a solid border on the left side. 


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For Employees and Managers 

  • Available Views:
    • Week
      • Employee
      • Role
      • Department
    • Month
  • Design Updates
    • Calendar Dropdown
    • View/Grid 
    • Shift Colors
    • Availability
    • Claiming Open Shifts

  • Experience Updates
    • Schedule Sort
      • We've updated this experience to ensure that updates made to your schedule sort order affect only your view of the Schedule. Previously, changes made would apply across the business account. 
      • We've added the ability to custom sort your team by clicking and dragging and row to a different order on the Schedule grid. 



Not Yet Available

The following list of features have not yet been implemented on the New Schedule Experience. If you need access to any features or views that are not yet available,  please opt out of the new experience by following steps below. 

  • Auto-Scheduling 
  • "Show Shifts from All Locations" 
  • Toast Scheduling 
  • Day views 



Q: I have an idea of how to improve the schedule. How can I share that with Homebase? 

A: We appreciate your feedback! You can share your ideas for improvement at any time while using the New Schedule.

  1. Select Tools in the top right of the schedule selecting "Give Feedback or Opt Out" under tools. 
  2. Select "Give Feedback or Opt Out" under tools.
  3. Tap "Leave us Feedback."
  4. From this screen, you can rate your experience, and leave comments or suggestions. 
  5. Once you've finished, tap "Submit Feedback" to share your ideas with our team. 

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Q: I'm experiencing a problem. How can I report it? 

A: Our goal is to provide a great experience while managing your schedule. If you're experiencing any issues, please opt-out of the New Schedule and alert us to the problem so that we can ensure it's addressed. To opt-out and report a problem: 

  1. Select Tools in the top right of the schedule selecting "Give Feedback or Opt Out" under tools. 
  2. Select "Give Feedback or Opt Out" under tools. 
  3. Once you've opted out, please leave us feedback describing the problem you had, which allows us to address it with upcoming updates.


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  4. If you still experience the problem after opting out, please contact our Support Team by phone, email or chat for personalized support. 



Q: How do I opt-out? 

A: Thank you for trying the New Schedule! You can opt-out of the react schedule builder by selecting "Give Feedback or Opt Out" under tools. 

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  • After opting out, please provide feedback on how we can improve your experience!


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Q: If I opt out, will my changes be saved? 

A: Yes, all changes made while using the new schedule will be saved if you opt-out. 



Q: If I opt out, can I opt back in later? 

A: Yes! After you've opted out, you can tap the "Tools" button in the upper right of the Schedule page, then tap "Try New Schedule" from the dropdown menu at any time to opt back in. For employees, tap "Try New Schedule" in the upper right of your Schedule, to the right of the "Print" button. 


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