How to Add Unreported Manual Checks

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At some point during the year and especially at year-end, you may need to report payrolls previously paid outside of Homebase. Follow the steps below to add unreported payments for your employees via an off-cycle payroll run. 

Go to the Payroll tab > Payroll Actions and select Run off-cycle payroll in the upper right corner.


On the next page, add the team members and complete the off-cycle payroll flow. 

Select Team Members - select at least one active or terminated employee to be included in this payroll run. 

Name Payroll Run - This is an internal note for this payroll run. For example: Unreported Manual Check from 10/15/22 for John Smith.

Reason for Off-Cycle Run - This is an internal reason for this payroll run. Please select the appropriate reason or select "Other" if the reason is not listed.

Payday - Using the current day will flip the payment type to paper check which would prevent any payments from going out to the employees. If you want employees to receive direct deposit payments for this payroll run, select the appropriate direct deposit date. 

Pay Period - Use the applicable or approximate dates for this pay period. This is used more for internal/informational purposes as the payment will be reported in Q4 2022, regardless of the pay period selected.

How do you want to input hours? - To prevent the system from pulling in hours from the timecards for the above pay period, select "manually enter hours." 

Advanced Settings - Leave Withholding rate as "Regular" to withhold at the regular tax settings. 

ONLY select Apply benefits or Apply post-tax deductions if you need to withhold from the unreported manual check. Otherwise, leave these unchecked.

Click Next to proceed to the payroll Step 1.

Enter the hours, additional earnings, and ensure the correct payment method has been selected. Continue through the payroll process and submit! 


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