Correction payrolls after December 29th

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Complete all payroll corrections before December 29, 2023 to ensure the correct amounts will be recorded on the payroll reports for 2023.

You will be unable to submit any correction payrolls after December 29th, but Homebase will still be able to make adjustments to your 2023 payroll information. You will have until December 29th, 2024 to submit any corrections for 2023. 

You can submit any adjustments needed to with the following information:

  • Employee Name
  • Earning Hours
  • Earning Amount
  • Earning Type (regular, overtime, bonus, etc.)
  • Tax Breakdown

The more clear and direct your request, the faster our team will be able to resolve the correction necessary.



If you do not have tax breakdown, we will need confirmation that you’d like for us to calculate for you. Please note that we will not calculate withholding taxes on these adjustments but the wages will be taxable. 


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