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General Questions:

Managing and Setting up Pay Any Day:

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General Questions

What is Pay Any Day?

Pay Any Day is a Demand Deposit Account and Visa Debit card that gives employees at participating Homebase companies instant access to up to 100% of their earned wages from their Homebase iOS or Android app. Sign-up is totally optional and there are no account fees, monthly charges, or minimum account balances. 


How is Pay Any Day different from Cash Out?

Both Pay Any Day and Cash Out are offerings that give employees early access to their pay at no additional cost to you. They give your team more flexibility over their finances — offering peace of mind and help managing unexpected expenses that hit before payday.

The Pay Any Day Visa Debit gives employees instant access to up to 100% of their earnings — anytime, and with no fees — when direct deposit is set up. Cash Out offers advances up to a maximum of $500. Instant delivery is $4.99, or free within 3 business days.

While Cash Out is available to most Homebase companies, Pay Any Day will only be available currently to a select group of employees who meet additional eligibility requirements. 


Why is Pay Any Day useful for my team and my business?

Flexible pay benefits offer employees greater control over their financial well-being. They get instant access to earned wages with no sign-up fees, monthly charges, or minimum account balances. That means no overdrafts, late fees, or expensive payday loans if unexpected expenses hit before payday. They also get one view of the total earnings and spending so they can track expenses, budget, and achieve savings goals. 

For employers, flexible pay benefits like Cash Out and Pay Any Day can:

  • Boost retention. Employees report higher job satisfaction and say they’re more likely to stick with employers that offer this benefit — which means reduced turnover costs (like recruiting and training!) for you.
  • Attract new hires. Choosing how and when to get paid is a great perk that stands out with talent and against competitors.

What’s in it for Homebase?

We know that flexible pay benefits like Cash Out and the Pay Any Day Visa Debit card help employers attract and retain talent. This is just one more way we’re helping small businesses offer competitive perks that stand out. 


Managing and Setting Up Pay Any Day

Do I have to do anything to set up Pay Any Day?

Nope — we’ve got you covered. This is a hassle-free employee benefit that costs you nothing to offer. Similar to Cash Out, sign-up is totally optional and can be completed right through the Homebase app. You can continue to process payroll on the same schedule and no updates or changes are required on your end. 

Will having Pay Any Day impact my business and my systems?

Absolutely not — everything will continue to work exactly the same! Nothing changes in the Homebase app or your systems, including payroll.

Promoting & Communicating Pay Any Day

How should I communicate Pay Any Day with my new hires and current employees?

We’re glad you asked! You can share that Pay Any Day allows eligible employees to access up to 100% of their earned income early, on a daily basis, at no additional cost to them. Advances are sent directly to their Homebase Pay Any Day Deposit Account and Visa Debit card. The total amount advanced just needs to be repaid at their next pay period. 

We answer frequently asked questions over on our Employee Help Centre. If anything comes up that we haven’t answered there, reach out to us directly at and we would be happy to help

What do my employees have to do to use Pay Any Day?

Eligible employees can complete sign-up directly through the Homebase app. Sign-up is completely optional and there are no credit checks, interest, or fees associated with the advance. 

Does it cost anything to use Pay Any Day?

You don’t have to worry about employees paying extra to access Pay Any Day. Sign-up is completely free and there are no hidden fees. That means no monthly account or interest charges, transaction fees, or minimum account balances.

The only fee is for international, non-USD transactions. This is charged by Visa (not Homebase!) and it’s an International Service Assessment fee of 1% which is added to your transaction amount. Additional information is available here.

Why do some of my employees have access to Pay Any Day and some do not?

Currently, we are only giving access to a small number of employees that meet certain eligibility criteria to use Pay Any Day and are expecting to continue rolling out to more users over the coming months.

If your employees are not eligible for Pay Any Day, they may be able to use another similar service that we offer called Cash Out. More information on Cash Out is available here

If the employee has worked enough hours, and has their direct deposit set to Homebase Card but still is unable to take a Pay Any Day advance, they can contact Homebase support at and our team would be more than happy to investigate.


Employee Usage of Pay Any Day

How do employees receive the Pay Any Day advance?

To access Pay Any Day, employees must have their direct deposit linked to Homebase. Once an employee requests an advance, the money will be deposited directly into their account and they will be able to use it instantly for any purchases or transactions.


How does an employee repay the Pay Any Day advance?

We automatically deduct the advance owing from the employee’s account on their next payday. We will also make sure that we don’t initiate a repayment if the repayment would cause the employee’s balance to drop below $50 in their account.

If we are unable to withdraw all of the funds on the employee’s payday, we will continue to try to initiate a repayment. If they don’t have the full amount in your bank account on payday, we may collect partial repayments (minimum of $25). We never pull more than is owed or overdraft the employee’s bank account. 


What happens if an employee doesn’t pay back the Pay Any Day advance?

There are no interest or late fees and no credit score impact, however, employees will not be able to access another Pay Any Day advance until their full amount owing is paid back.


Who should my employees contact if they have questions about Pay Any Day?

We answer frequently asked questions over on our Employee Help Centre. If anything comes up that we haven’t answered there, your team can reach us directly at


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