What happens after my free trial ends?

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When signing up for Homebase, you are put on a free 14 day trial of our All In One plan. This trial gives you a chance to explore everything Homebase has to offer!


During your free trial, you can add your debit or credit card to your account. 

If you've completed this step, Homebase will automatically bill your card for the amount due at the end of your trial, ensuring you have continuous access to features available on your new plan.


If you wish to subscribe to a different plan than your current free trial, learn how to change your plan here. 

If you haven't added a card on file or selected a different plan by the end of your trial, Homebase will notify you that your trial has ended, and place your account on our 100% free "Basic" plan where you can continue using our free tools and features. If you'd like to regain access to features you used during your trial, learn how to subscribe to a paid plan here.


If you have questions about your free trial, please Contact Us for personalized support.


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