Employee Access in Homebase

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The Homebase app is free to all team members regardless of the plan tier of their company. Once you've added & invited an employee to your Homebase location, they can download the app and sign up for a Homebase account. 


Please Note: Team members must have their location access turned on in order to clock in & out on the mobile app, regardless of their access level or plan tier of their company.


Team members with Employee Level Access in Homebase can

  • View their upcoming schedule
  • View past time cards and earnings
  • Add a note to a time card that their manager can see
  • Set their schedule availability
  • View the entires team schedule
    • On the ☆ Plus Plan you can enable the setting so employees can only view their own schedule. (Managers see the whole team’s schedule)
  • Request time off
  • Trade shifts and request covers - with manager approval
  • Send messages to their managers & team mates
  • Control their own notification & messaging preferences
  • Use Homebase Cash Out - If it is enabled for your location


Team members with Employee Level Access cannot

  • Update their schedule or other people's schedules
  • Trade or claim a shift without manager approval
  • Change their wage rates or roles
  • See other people's wages
  • See sales & labor reporting
  • Edit their own time cards
  • Approve their own availability or time off requests


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