How to Filter Timesheets

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Filter_Timesheets_1.gif In this article we will cover ways to filter your timesheets page in Homebase. Filtering your timesheets in Homebase allows you to customize how your view your team's timecard info. 


If you would like to learn more about how to Show/Hide Columns, click here.




You can find the Filter Timesheets feature at the top of your Timesheets. 


Filter By

  • Select which employee timecards to view.

  • Or, select all employees to view all your employees. 





Sort By

  • Choose to sort your employees alphabetically by first or last name. 



Group By

  • Group your timesheets by Date, employee, or role. 
  • Employee Name: This will group timecards by Employee. The Section Header will display the Employee's name, and totals for selected columns. Their individual timecards will be sorted by date under the grouped employee.
  • Date: Will be grouped by date, then order of occurrence
  • Role: Will be grouped by role, then date, then order of occurrence
    • No Role will show if there are any timecards with no role assigned. 








Hide Employees Without Hours 

  • "Hours" means Hours Worked and Scheduled Hours
  • If an hourly employee has hours worked, they will not be hidden.
  • If an hourly employee has scheduled hours, they will not be hidden.
  • Salaried Employees are not hidden regardless of Hours Worked or Scheduled Hours.




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