Downloading, Exporting, & Printing Timesheets

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In this article we will cover how to download or print your timesheets in Homebase. If you are integrated with a payroll provider or use Homebase payroll, you can download or export your timesheets directly. If you would like to view your timesheets in a PDF file, you can print instead!


Before you print or download your timesheets:

Be sure you are viewing the correct pay period in the top left! Click here to learn how set your pay period.


Need to edit timecards? Click here to learn how to add & edit timecards before downloading!



Download or Export Timesheets


  1. Click the green Download or Export button in the top right.


  2. Choose to format your download by All Time Cards or Payroll Summary.  
    • All Time Cards: Time cards will download as a CSV/Excel file, and grouped by the employee and the timecards will be in chronological order. The Group By function does not affect how the timesheets are downloaded.


    • Payroll Summary: When you are ready to run payroll (OR send employee time cards to your payroll provider), you can select to download Payroll Summary.


      • If you are integrated with one of our direct payroll partners, your payroll partner will have their own button they can select that will automatically send over their employees' hours. 


      • If you are not integrated with a payroll partner, or use our Formatted Timesheets the Payroll Summary will be downloaded as a excel/CSV file.
      • To customize the information that downloads on your timesheets:

    Click the Columns drop-down in the top right. 


    Check the boxes next to columns you would like to include in your download. Uncheck any columns you would like to skip in your download. 


  3. Once you have checked all the payroll summary information, select Download in the top right. 




Printing Timesheets

  • Owners & managers can print all time cards together, or print each employee on a separate page.
  • The settings under Filter Timesheets will effect what information prints.


    1. Filter your timesheets to customize how your timesheets will print. Your timesheets will print based on how you filter your timesheets. 





    2. Click on the printer icon Downloading_Timesheets_1.png in the top right. 




    3. Select Print Default View or Print Timecards by Role, Employee, or Date.




All Time cards (Grouping by)

  • Role: Time cards will be sorted by date, then role
  • Name: Time cards will be sorted by Employee name, then date.
  • Date: Time cards will be sorted by date, then by chronological order within that day.

Time cards by Employee (Grouping By)

  • Role: Time cards will be sorted by employee, then role (they will appear out of chronological order)
  • Name: Time cards will be sorted by Employee name, then date.
  • Date: Time cards will be sorted by Employee name, then date.
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