Adding & Editing Shifts in the Schedule

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In this article, we will cover the basics of adding & editing shifts to create your schedule in the Homebase Schedule Builder!



Adding a Shift

In each Schedule View, a shift can be added by hovering over the cell that you want to create for the day and/or person.


Click here to learn more about the different schedule views.


  1. Hover over a cell & click ADD+


  2. Choose between Custom, Common, or Time Off



  3. Follow the steps below for a Custom Shift, Common Shift, or Time Off.
  4. When finished, select Add





Custom Shifts 

Allows a custom timeframe, role selection, color coding, and copying to multiple weekdays. You can use the Custom Shift tab to add a new shift or edit an existing shift. 


  1. Time Frame: The start and end time of the shift. 


  2. Role Selection
    • No Role: This will create the shift without a role attached. However, if the employee assigned has a default wage rate assigned in their Employee Profile, the assigned wage will be used in Timesheets and calculating labor costs.


    • Create New Role: If your employee has a role that has not been added yet, you can select Create New Role and type the role you would like to add. 


    • Employee's Role: These are the roles assigned in the Employees profile under job details. If the employee has a specific wage assigned to each role, that role's assigned wage will be used in Timesheets and Labor calculations


    • Team Roles: These are the roles created for this location but not assigned to the employee in the job details of their employee profile. Default wage (if any) will be used in Timesheets and labor calculations.


  3. Shift Color: This fills in the shift with a designated color. Shifts can be assigned a color to help keep your schedule organized.



    • When a color is selected for a specific role, that selected color will remain unless another color is chosen. It doesn't update any other shifts when the color is changed but will use that color going forward. 
  4. Apply To: This will apply all of the customized shift details selected to the selected days. The selected day will be highlighted in purple. 



  5. Shifts Notes(☆ Essentials)To add or edit Shift Notes, the Manager must have permission assigned ("Who can add and view notes to shifts?")




    • Shift Notes are notes that are seen by the employee scheduled for the shift. When the schedule is published, shift notes can be seen in the e-mail notification but not text notifications
    • Shift Notes can be seen on the schedule through the mobile or web view and are visible when they are clocking into the shift on any time clock
    • Adding an address to a shift note will create a direct link to google maps that is viewable from seeing their schedule via the mobile app or web

Common Shifts

You can assign a common shift to an employee to create a shift efficiently


  • Common shifts are the past shifts that the employee is commonly scheduled for.
  • Selecting a "Common Shift" fills in all the details of a Custom Shift.
  • The common shift can be applied to multiple days and shift notes can be added. 



Adding Time Off in the Schedule




  • Select Add Time-Off and enter the time off info. Select Save when finished. 
  • This tab allows you to create a time-off request directly on the schedule.
  • When Time Off is added from the Schedule Builder, it is automatically approved.



Editing a Shift


When hovering over an existing shift, you will see different icons to move, edit, add, copy, or delete. 




  • To move a shift, hover over the 2 lines above the shift, click & hold, then drag to the desired location. 



  • When editing a shift, click the pencil icon. You can then edit the same information in Common (directions above) under the Current tab. 




Delete a Shift

  • To copy a shift, select copy, hover and click the cell(s) you would like to copy the shift. 



To exit Copy mode, click the ESC key on your keyboard. 


  • To delete a shift, hover over the shift & select the trash can icon. 


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