Navigating the Homebase Schedule Builder

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In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about navigating the different views in the Homebase Schedule Builder.


Ready to start builidng your schedule? Click here to learn more about adding and editing shifts.


Week Day Month



There are 3 views within the Week View: Employee, Department, and Role




Employee View
  • This is the schedules default view, and displays employees on the left column and lets users create shifts for specific Employees.


    • All Employees from the Team Roster are displayed by default. To hide an employee from showing on the Schedule Builder, uncheck Show in Schedule in their Employee Profile.
    • Schedule_Views_5.png
    • You can search for a specific employee using the search field and can filter the employee list to only display employees with scheduled hours.





    • Date Range: Navigate between previous and future weeks using the arrows flanking the date range. The date range will always be 7 days and based on your Schedule Settings. 



Department View (☆ Plus): Department is displayed as the Column Header on the Y-Axis and has the assigned roles under each department. This view is helpful to see hours scheduled by Department versus by Employee. Each role under the Department displays scheduled Totals.




Role View: Roles are displayed on the Y-Axis and display the scheduled hours & wage totals for that role.


  • To add a shift in Role View, hover over a cell & click ADD+. 


  • When adding a new shift, you will not be able to edit the role since you are assigning the shift by role, but you can select which employee you would like to assign the shift to. 
  • When editing an existing shift, you will be able to edit all of the shift information- including the role. 
  • Click here to learn more about adding shifts in the schedule.
Week View Features

Events(☆ Essentials)


  • Use the events feature in the schedule to communicate upcoming events to your team. 
  • Hover over the cell under the date on the Event row & click ADD+
  • Add the event title & description. Publish the schedule when you are finished.
  • Employees will be able to see this on their schedule. 

Open Shifts (Employee View Only)



  • Open Shifts are shifts that are not assigned to a person and can be claimed by any employee on the team.
  • When creating an Open Shift, you can select a Custom or Common shift. Shift Notes will be visible to every person on the team, even before the shift is claimed.
  • You can also drag & drop a shift on the schedule to make it an Open 

Show More Locations (☆ Essentials)



  • This feature is available if you have more than 1 location on your Homebase account, there will be a drop-down menu that will appear with every location name.
  • This allows for any manager with the right permission access to create shifts and view schedules for employees that work at more than 1 location.

Hour & Wage Forecast



Hour & Wage forecast viewed by employee's name

  • The hour forecast is based on the scheduled shift totals per employee. In Settings, users can choose to subtract unpaid breaks from scheduled hours and wage forecasts.

  • The wage forecast is based on the scheduled shift totals per employee and their assigned wage for that shift or their default wage.

  • The account owner's assigned wages cannot be viewed by other users.

  • To show or hide these forecasts, go to Tools > Show/Hide 


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