Using Bulk Actions in the Team Roster

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The Bulk Action function allows you to add, invite, or terminate your employees in groups rather than per employee.


Add Employees 

Bulk Add is intended to add new employees. Existing employees' info cannot be updated in this form.


  1. Select Bulk Actions then Add Employees


  2. Select which categories to include on the table to fill out. All categories are optionable, except for First Name & Location which will appear on the table.


    Depending on the selection, you may be asked "Do any of your employees have more than one wage rate?". (☆ Plus)


  3. Fill out the information in the table. Bulk_Actions_4.gif If you have an existing file that contains their employee information, you can choose to bulk add employees and copy and paste from their existing file into the Bulk Add table.


  4. In the bottom left-hand corner, select the box to send employees a download link for Homebase, if needed. Bulk_Actions_7.png
  5. Click Add Employees when finished
  • Bulk Add is intended to add new employees. Existing employees' info cannot be updated in this form.


  • Existing employees with an e-mail or mobile number cannot be added.
  • For multi-location, employees can be added to multiple locations, if needed.


Send Homebase Invites 




Your team will be invited to access their personal account with the free employee app. They can view their work schedule, keep track of hours, set availability, request time off, and message the team.



You can choose to send the invite to either All Team Members or only those who have not signed in.



Terminate Employees 


  1. Select Bulk Actions then Terminate Employees.


  2. Select which employee(s) you would like to terminate.


  3. On the next page, you will select a termination reason, notes (if needed), their termination date, and whether or not they will be eligible for re-hire.




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