Copy, Print, & Export your Schedule

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In this article, we will cover how to copy, print, and export your schedule in the Homebase schedule builder! 


Copying Your Schedule (Week View)


  • Copy can be used to take all shifts from Week View and apply them to a future week. When you select to copy the current week's schedule to their desired week, it will take you to that specific week.
  • Once the schedule is copied to the week, the schedule must still be published.
  • Copy only applies to a specific week. To apply to multiple future weeks, this must be done when publishing the schedule.


Printing Your Schedule 


Week View


  • Printing the Week View of the schedule will show as a PDF file for you to review & print.
  • Events & Open Shifts are displayed in the Print version.
  • There are options to print the schedule with or without color.
  • Any Show/Hide options selected for the schedule builder will apply to the print view.


Day View 



  • Printing the Day View of the schedule will give you the option to save it as a PDF or print it directly. 
  • The print option does not display the schedule the same as it is in the schedule builder. Published Shifts are not filled in with color like on the Schedule Builder, they are outlined.
  • Events & Open Shifts are not displayed.
  • Any Show/Hide options selected for the schedule builder will apply to the print view.
  • There is no way to remove the search field or add employees from the Day print view.



Exporting Your Schedule (Day View)



  • The export option downloads a . CSV file of that day's shifts. The file format cannot be changed.
  • The file will open up in the default spreadsheet program for your computer.




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