Easily format your timesheets for Wells Fargo with Homebase

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Export timesheets from Homebase that are specifically formatted for Wells Fargo to make payroll prep a breeze!


What is a Formatted Timesheet?

With formatted timesheets, we will export your timesheet data from Homebase into a formatted CSV file that can be opened in Wells Fargo.


To download a formatted timesheet: 

  1. Go to Settings in the bottom left. 




  2. Select Payroll 





  3. Click View Timesheets under Formatted Timesheets


    Formatted_Timesheets_3.gif Formatted_Timesheets_4.png


  4. Select Connect next to Wells Fargo



  5. Click Yes to confirm. 



Wells Fargo Information: 

  • File Type: CSV
  • Are payroll IDs needed? Yes, add manually. 
  • Information Exported: Regular Hours/OT Hours
  • Multi-Location Support: No
  • Cost To Connect: No
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