Schedule Builder Tools

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This article covers everything you need to know about the tools you can use in the schedule builder.  Click any tool in the dropdown menu to view details about each tool!




Events Time-Off Black Out Employee
  • Events can be used to communicate information on a specific day of the schedule. Events are visible to everyone on the team.
  • Events are not visible in Schedule Published notifications via e-mail or SMS.
  • Multiple events can be added per day.
  • Events are not displayed in Schedule Notifications.
  • Events are not displayed when clocking in.
  • This tool can only be used in Day & Week View only
  • Shifts that have been clocked in cannot be cleared. 
Unpublished Changes Entire Schedule
  • Use this to clear any unpublished shifts. These shifts will have a light-faded color
  • Day View: Only clears unpublished changes for this day
  • Week View: Clears unpublished changes for the week
Sort By
  • This tool can only be used in Day & Week View only
  • Sort By allows you to view the displayed employees in preferred sorting.
  • Sort By applied to Day or Week view will apply to other views as well.
  • If the Day View is set to view By Start Time, the shifts are first sorted by start time and THEN by selected Sort By preference.
First Name Last Name Custom Sort
  • Sort employees alphabetically by first name.
  • Check or uncheck any boxes to show and hide items on the schedule to customize your experience with the Schedule builder!
Events Hours Forecast Wage Forecast People Forecast Scheduled Employees Only Month View Only
  • Hides Events from the Schedule Builder.
  • Note: This hides Events for ALL Viewers.
  • Templates allow you to easily copy and paste a recurring schedule.
  • Follow the steps below to create templates of your schedule!
  1. Fill out your schedule to your liking, anything that is on your schedule will be added to the template.


  2. Go to Tools and Templates.
  3. Type in the name of your template and click Create to create your template. 
  4. To add the template to a schedule, go to the week you would like to paste & add the template from Tools > Templates.
  • Templates can be created to easily re-use a Schedule with assigned shifts or to create a template of Open Shifts to use Auto-Scheduling.
  • Templates can be layered. Applying one template after another will not erase the existing template, even if the changes are unpublished.
  • Templates can be renamed once they are created.
  • Existing templates cannot be "saved over" or updated, a new template must be created.
  • In Day View, if you create a template, it does not create a template for that specific day- it will include all shifts created for that week in the template.
  • Templates cannot be used in the Month view. 


View Publish History
  • Displays the publish activity by all users.
  • Each published history includes:
    • Who published the schedule
    • What day and time it was published
    • How many shifts were published
    • Who was notified of the published schedule
Resend Notifications
  • Resend Notifications will resend the published schedule notifications to everyone who is on the schedule.

  • It does not matter what notifications you selected when you originally published the schedule (Send to everyone, only those with changes, no one), when using Resend Notifications, everyone on the schedule is notified.

  • Resend Notifications will only appear if there are no changes that need to be published

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