Step 2: Adding Your Team to Homebase

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This article breaks down everything you need to know about adding employees in Homebase. Add your team in the team roster to schedule, track time, send an employee a new hire packet. 

Want to add multiple team members at a time? Click here to learn more about our Bulk Actions!


Adding an employee's basic info

  1. Select the Team in the left menu.


  2. Click Add Team Member in the upper right corner.


  3. Select Add Employees Individually. 



    Please Note

    You may be able to import employees from your Point of Sale or Payroll by integrating them with Homebase.

    Want to connect your Point of Sale or Payroll?

    Click here to connect to your Point of Sale   OR  Click here to connect to your Payroll Provider 

  4.  Enter your employees’ basic information: First & last name, mobile phone number, and email address. 



    Please Note

    When adding a new employee, the contact information added may be used to create their individual Homebase account.




    Be sure to select the box marked "Send employee a link to the free Homebase app" if you would like them to view schedules, clock in/out, message the team, and more.

  5.  Set your employee's Access Level  


     This feature is available on the Essentials plan & up.

    The employee's access level lets us know who gets admin access to your Homebase account. Manager & General Manager permissions can be customized in your setting. 

    Click here to learn more about editing Manager Permissions & access levels.


  6.  Enter your employee's Roles & Wages

    The employee's Role in Homebase is their job title.

    Select + Add Another Role if your employee has more than one role or wage.

    In order to track employees with multiple roles & wage rates you would need to be on our ☆ Plus Plan or higher. 




    Have employees with an annual salary?

    On the Plus Plan, Homebase can also track your employees with annual salaries! 


  7. Once all your employee's information is filled in, don't forget to save your changes!



    If you have more employees to add, select Save and Add Another.

    If you are finished adding all your employees, select Save and Finish. 





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