Step 4: Choosing a Time Clock

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In this article we will cover the benefits of our time clock options!


Choosing a time clock for your team depends on the needs of your business. Homebase offers three time clock options that are available on any plan. Account owners & Managers can enable & disable Time Clock Options in Settings.


We will briefly cover the benefits of each time clock to help you decide which is best for your team. You can always use multiple time clock options if needed. 


Mobile Time Clock



  • Employees clock into the Homebase App on their mobile devices using their account log-in.
  • Features Available: 
    • GPS Snapshots (☆Essentials +)
      • GPS snapshots record the employee's location at the time of time punch.
      • Employers can confirm where employees have clocked in/out to ensure they are where they are supposed to be
    • Geo-fencing (☆Essentials +)
      • This feature allows for any manager or higher with the right permission access to set a parameter of 150 feet, 1 block, or 5 blocks where employees can clock in/out within a radius of the business address on the account
      • A business address must be added to the location in order for the geo-fence to work properly
      • Currently, we do not offer a way to set up multiple geofences within one location
        • It can only be set up per Homebase location
          • For example, you can have a company on Homebase with 5 location(s) and each location can have its own business address that has its own geofencing setting.

Click here to learn how to set up your Mobile Time Clock.



Tablet Time Clock



  • Shared time clock via iPad or Android tablet that is placed in a central area of the business or mounted on a wall for employees to clock in/out. The perfect solution for restaurants and retail.
    • Amazon Fire Tablets are not compatible.
  • Employees clock in/out using their assigned PIN
  • With a front-facing camera, it will snap an image of the employee to prevent employees from clocking in for each other.
  • The tablet must be connected to wifi or a data service where employees can continue to clock in/out without any issues.
  • Once a manager or higher has signed into the Homebase time clock app, they will not have to sign out unless they are trying to refresh/troubleshoot an issue

Click here to learn how to set up your Tablet Time Clock.



Web Time Clock



  • Use any computer browser as your time clock. This is an excellent option for offices, remote teams, and service businesses.
  • Without having to buy additional devices for your team to clock in/out from, Owners, Admins, or employees can launch their own time clock by just signing into their account via the web.


  • Managers or higher with the right permission level can enable a way for employees to launch their own web time clock from settings.
    • The option to enable employees to launch the shared time clock is available on every plan


  • If any manager or employee launches the shared time clock, it will automatically sign them out of their account and just show the shared time clock for everyone to be able to clock in/out for their shifts.
    • This will lock your page in place & protect any sensitive information on the personal login. You will need to log out & back in to access those pages. 

Click here to learn how to set up your Web Time Clock.

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