Time Tracking FAQ

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In this article, we will cover commonly asked questions that you may have about time tracking with Homebase. 

How to show/hide columns?

1. Click the drop-down under Show/Hide Columns.

2. Be sure there is a green check next to any columns you would like to view. 

  • If there is a column you would not want to see, make sure the box is unchecked.

3. Click Apply and your Timesheets will adjust according to your selections. 



How to fix duplicate timecards from unscheduled shifts?
  • If an employee is scheduled for a shift, but they clock in without selecting their scheduled shift, it may show in your timesheets as a duplicate timecard. 
  • Connect this timecard to the correct shift by opening the time card & selecting "connect to shift"


How to hide other columns in timesheets?
How to hide unpaid breaks in Timesheet?
Why can't I see Timesheets in the sidebar?
  • The reason you may not see Timesheets in the sidebar of your account could be that you have time tracking disabled in your settings. 
  • Go to Settings > Time Clock Options > Enable Time Tracking > Save Changes


How do I fix No-Shows in my timesheets?
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