Team Management FAQ

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In this article, we'll cover a few frequently asked questions about managing your team in Homebase. 

How do I add employees if I have multiple locations?
  • Adding employees to your Homebase account will work the same way no matter how many locations you have. In order to make sure that you're adding to the correct location, make sure you're viewing the correct location name in the top right. 
  • You can also edit what locations the employee is working at in the employee profile. Just go to Team > Roster > Click the employee name > Edit Icon > Toggle the employee on/off depending on which location you would like the employee to be active at. 
How do I add Managers?
Can we limit the manager's permission?
  • Yes! You are able to edit your Managers & General Manager permissions. 
  • Go to Settings > Team Permissions and check any box next to the settings that you would like to give your Managers or GMs access to. 
Why can’t I edit my employee’s information?
  • If you're unable to edit your employee's information, it may be because the employee created the Homebase account before starting with your team. 
  • Employee profiles are separate from the companies that initially create them. Employees can use their Homebase account with any company that uses Homebase.
Why do I get errors when trying to add some new employee profiles?
  • If you are getting errors while trying to add a new employee profile, it may be caused by a few factors:
    • The Employee was previously terminated: If this is the case select Show Terminated in the team roster and Rehire the same employee profile. 
    • The Employee has another Homebase account: if your employee has used Homebase before, and you attempt to add their info, it has to be the exact same email and phone number as the employee's old profile. 
How do I terminate an employee?
  • You can terminate an employee by selecting Terminate at the top of their profile, or by clicking the three (3) dots on the right side of their profile on the team Roster and selecting Terminate Team Member. 
How do I rehire an employee?
  • To rehire an employee, you'll need to view your terminated employees. You can do this by clicking "Show Terminated" in the top right. 
  • Click "Rehire" to rehire a terminated employee. 
How do I add multiple wage rates for my employees?
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