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Where can I see my PIN?
  • Employees can see their pins in their mobile app. 
  • Log into your mobile app and click More in the bottom right 
  • You'll see your pin & the location you work at the bottom of the screen.


How to remove myself from an old job?
  • If you no longer work at a job, but you're still attached to their Homebase account, you can remove yourself from that company. 
  • Log into your Homebase account on a web browser and go to Settings > Locations & Pins > Don't work here anymore? > Confirm.


How do I update my personal information?
  • You can edit your personal information, like phone number or email, in the Homebase mobile app.
  • Log into your Homebase app and go to > More > Profile then click the pencil icon to edit any information. 
How can I gain admin access
  • Please contact your manager to gain admin access to your Homebase account. 
Can I view my work schedule and upcoming shifts on Homebase?
  • Yes! You can view the schedule and upcoming shifts by logging into Homebase on the mobile app and clicking Schedule. 
  • You'll be able to view My Shifts (your shifts only), All Shifts (Shifts for the whole team), and Open Shifts (Shifts that are available to claim


How do I clock in and out of my shifts using Homebase's time clock feature?
How can I communicate with my manager and coworkers through Homebase?
  • Communicate with your managers and coworkers in the Homebase Mobile App by clicking messages. 
  • Start a new thread with the notepad in the top right. 


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