Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) Change with Homebase Payroll

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FEIN changes require a full account migration to a new Homebase account under the correct, updated FEIN. I'm happy to get this process started with a bit more info from you. Please read this article in its entirety to ensure a smooth FEIN change process!

Notify our Homebase Payroll Support team with the following information to proceed with an FEIN change on your Homebase account.  

  1. What is the new FEIN? 
  2. Please provide documentation from the IRS showing the new FEIN (IRS Form SS-4, 147-C, or similar) 
  3. Effective date of the new FEIN? 
  4. Will your business remain at the same company address for operations? 
  5. Are your state tax IDs changing? 
  6. Provide an email address to begin setup of the new FEIN account (cannot be your existing email on file with the old account)

Important information to note: 

  • Tax payments under the incorrect FEIN: If your FEIN change's effective date is in the past - Homebase will have to migrate payrolls processed under the incorrect FEIN into the new account. Any tax payments associated with payrolls run under the old account must be either remitted again under the new FEIN or reallocated to the correct FEIN with the agency directly. If you'd like to reallocate previous tax payments with the agency, please reach out to the respective agency directly. Homebase does not assist with tax reallocation. 
  • Payroll tax filings for the new FEIN: Homebase can only file for the current quarter of the new account setup and future quarters, we cannot create new filings for the new FEIN for past quarters. If your FEIN change was effective in a past quarter, you must process any required payroll tax filings outside of Homebase. 
  • Amendments to past quarters under the old FEIN: If wages need to be updated for a past quarter under the old FEIN, Homebase's tax team can complete those on your behalf if you'd like. There is a processing fee of $200/filing for amended returns. 
  • FEIN Migration Process: FEIN changes require a full migration of your Homebase account. This process is tedious and time consuming. To ensure we process this change accurately and as quickly as possible, it's important to work together with Homebase. Current full time to completion for FEIN migrations is about 2-3 weeks, with amended returns (if needed) taking 4-6 weeks. This timeline is dependent upon Homebase receiving required infirmation from you to continue moving forward. 
  • Unless proactively completed, FEIN changes are likely to result in at least some amount of tax payments or filings under the incorrect FEIN. Any penalties or fees from respective tax agencies associated with this FEIN change are your business's responsibility.

Please keep in mind that this is a very manual process. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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