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*This help center article is intended to assist with terminating an employee for accounts using Homebase Payroll. If your business uses another payroll processor, you may wish to refer to their guidance on proper termination procedures.


Terminate the employee

  1. Log into your Homebase account
  2. Navigate to the employee's profile in the Team > Roster by clicking on their name
  3. In the top right corner of the employee's profile, click Terminate Screenshot
  4. Review the pop up displaying the settings changes that will occur after the employee is terminated, then click Next Screenshot
  5. Select the following settings: 
    • Reason for Termination
    • Termination Date
    • Notes (will display on the employee's employment timeline for managers to view)
    • Select rehire eligibility Screenshot
  6. Click Terminate

Payroll for the employee's final wages: 

To pay your terminated employee their final wages, you have two primary options: 

  • Include their final timecards in your next scheduled, regular payroll
  • Pay them at the time of termination via off-cycle payroll 

If you choose to pay them during your next regular payroll run, no further action is required at this time. Keep in mind to review your state's specific termination payroll requirements as necessary.

Run an off-cycle termination payroll: 

Before beginning, place any deductions or garnishments from the Job Details page of the employee's profile. These often include deductions for lost or broken company equipment. 

  1. Navigate to the Payroll tab in your Homebase account on a web browser
  2. In the top right corner, select to "Run off-cycle payroll" under the Payroll Actions box
  3. Enter the settings for the off-cycle payroll:
    • Select the terminated employee 
    • Name the payroll run (will not be displayed to the terminated employee, for internal tracking only)
    • Select the reason for the run: Termination
    • Select the date range of timecards that the employee needs to be paid for
    • Select the payday (if you plan to pay the employee directly on the day of termination, select today's date) 
    • If deductions are added for the employee, check the box to include those deductions on payroll Screenshot
  4. Continue through the off-cycle payroll and submit Screenshot
  5. If you opted to pay your employee via paper check, print the check and deliver it to the employee. Screenshot

Remove the terminated employee from being included in future regular payrolls: 

Once you've paid your employee their final wages via off-cycle payroll, you may wish to toggle them off of being included in your next regular payroll run - this will ensure they are not paid again for those wages on your next regular payroll. To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the employee's profile in the Team > Roster
  2. On the Job Details page, toggle off the setting "Team member is included in payroll" 

Once you've toggled this off, your termination of your employee is complete!

Post-termination information:

Once you've complete the steps above, the termination is complete. 

The former employee's view in Homebase will update to reflect that they are no longer actively employed at your business. However, they will retain access to past paystubs and tax forms (W-2 or 1099). This access will never go away so they can always access their previous records. 

The final paystub, check, or direct deposit the employee receives will not indicate in any way that the employee's role is terminated. If additional documentation is required to document this termination, work with your business's human resources team or consult the HR Pros for further guidance. 

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