Add or Remove an Employee from Multiple Locations

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In this article, we will walk you through the process of adding an employee to multiple locations in Homebase. It's a simple process that can help you manage your team across locations effectively.

  1. Once you're logged in to your Homebase Account, click Team in the left side menu.


    Multiple Locations 1.png


  2. Search for the employee you want to add to multiple locations in your list of team members. If the employee is new, click Add Employee to create their profile.


    Multiple Locations 3.png Click here to learn how to add a new team member.


  3. Click on the employee's name to access their profile.

  4. Under Access, Roles, and Wages, you'll see the locations that the employee is active at. If you do not see the location you want to add the employee to, click View More Locations.


    Multiple Locations 4.png


  5. Click Edit next to the desired location.

  6. Toggle the switch to make an employee active or inactive at the location.


    Multiple Locations 5.gif


  7. Once the employee is shown as active, edit any necessary employee info.

  8. Under Location Settings, be sure to check any boxes that you would like for your employee.


    Multiple Locations 7.png


  9. When you're finished, select Save in the bottom right. If you would like to add the employee to another location, select Save and Apply to More Locations.


    Multiple Locations 8.png


That's it! You've successfully added an employee to multiple locations in Homebase. This feature can be especially helpful for businesses with employees who work in different branches or locations.

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