Manually Add Sales for your Reports in Homebase

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Homebase allows you to download our pre-created Excel file to enter your sales manually. This allows for easier labor budgeting when building schedules. In this article, we will walk through how to add these sales to your account manually. 

  1. Select Settings in the left menu.


    SETTINGS 1.png


  2. Select POS Connection in the left navigation.


    Manually Add Sales 1.png


  3. Select Connect next to the Cash Register or Other.
  4. Select Enter your sales beneath the cash register.


    Manually Add Sales 2.png


  5. Select Download our CSV/Excel template with all available columns.


    Manually Add Sales 3.png


  6. Fill in the template, then click or drop the file.

When Filling out the Template:

  • Please don't delete the Date or Value fields.
  • Fill out fields and save as a .csv file.
  • Upload by selecting Enter your sales and Click or drop your CSV here.
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