Department and Roles In Homebase

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In this comprehensive guide, learn the best practices for segmenting your team into specific departments and roles. It's all about making life easier: tracking who's doing what, managing labor costs, and matching departments with the right managers. Get organized, stress less, and find everything faster!


Where to edit your departments and roles

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  1. Click Schedule in the top left
  2. Select Departments/Roles under Schedule 


What are departments and roles?

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  • A department would be the area of specialty in your business. Examples of departments would be Front-of-House and Back-of-House. 
  • Roles in Homebase are the employee's job title. These roles are organized into Departments. An example of a role for the Front-of-House department would be a Host, and an example for the Back-of-House would be a Cook. 


How to add and edit departments

    1. Click Schedule in the top left
    2. Select Departments/Roles under Schedule 
    3. To edit a department, click the pencil icon next to the department name and edit. Click the check mark to save. 


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    4. To add a department, click Add new department in the top right and type the name of your department. Click the check mark to save. 


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How to add and edit roles

      1. Click Schedule in the top left
      2. Select Departments/Roles under Schedule 
      3. To add a role, click on the box by the Department you would like to add to. If you're still organizing your team, add the role in Department Not Set.


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      4. You are not able to edit roles in Homebase. If you would like to edit a role, you would need to delete it by clicking the X next to the role and re-entering the information. 

Please note: 

If your role is attached to employee profiles, and you decide to delete the role, it will be removed from all employee profiles as well. You will need to add the roles to employee profiles again after you have made edits.  


How to edit which department a role is assigned to

Please note: 

Roles can only be added to a department ONCE. Once the role is attached to a department, it can't be moved to a different department. DO NOT delete your roles, follow the steps below if you need to change the department that a role is assigned to.

      1. Click the garbage can icon to the right of the department and delete the department.


        Departments and Roles 5.gif


      2. Create the department again by adding a new department.
      3. The roles associated with the old department will be moved to Department Not Set when the department is deleted. Add the roles back to the department, all except for that incorrect role. Departments and Roles 6.gif

Assign a manager to a department 

When you assign a manager to a department, you can ensure that only those managers have access to adding and editing info for their team. Click the drop-down for the department under Add Managers to Departments and select a manager to assign. Only team members with Manager or General Manager Access can be added as a manager to a department. 

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If you would like managers to only see/edit their assigned department, you can turn on the setting under Settings > Alerts & Permissions. 

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