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To cancel your Homebase Payroll Service, please email from the email address associated with your Homebase Payroll company. 

Our support team will send you a questionnaire to capture your account closure preferences and send you a confirmation email with your selections once complete. 

To terminate Homebase Payroll service & be removed from Homebase Payroll billing, you must complete the Client Separation Form questionnaire that is sent by the Homebase Payroll support team. 

Steps to cancel your Homebase Payroll service:

  1. Send a request or email with company name a request to cancel payroll services 
    • Please use an email address associated with your Homebase account to ensure we can process your request. 
  2. If you'd like to cancel an additional Homebase plan (Essentials, Plus, All-in-One), please indicate this in your message
  3. Homebase Payroll Support will reply to your message with a Client Separation Form questionnaire
  4. Complete the questionnaire in its entirety, you'll receive an email confirmation of your selections upon submission
  5. [If applicable] Homebase will collect the filing fee for filings after account closure from your company bank account
  6. Homebase Payroll Support will use your selections to terminate your account
  7. Once complete, you'll receive a final confirmation email that your service has been terminated

Considerations when cancelling your account: 

  • Please keep in mind - Homebase Payroll billing is one month in arrears. This means that your final bill for Homebase Payroll services will draw from your company bank account on the first business day of the month following your account termination. For example, if you cancel your service on October 15, your final bill for service will post on November 1
  • Seasonal businesses may wish to keep their payroll service active even in the off season. Cancelling your payroll service will cease Homebase's payroll filings.* In the period of inactivity for your business, it will be your responsibility to maintain and complete any payroll tax filings required by the state or IRS. Keeping your account active allows Homebase to continue to file these on your behalf automatically - keeping your business in good standing with payroll tax agencies. 
  • Homebase charges a $200 fee to file payroll taxes after an account is terminated. If you select for Homebase to continue filing any payroll taxes on your behalf after your account is cancelled, you'll be billed this $200 fee upon submission of the questionnaire.
    • If this fee collection is not successful, Homebase will not file or remit any future payroll taxes on your behalf until this is resolved. If we do not collect the fee successfully, Homebase will not file and will refund any unpaid payroll taxes to your company bank account. All tax filings will be your responsibility outside of Homebase. 

* If you select for Homebase to file through the end of the calendar year, Homebase will do so for a $200 fee. However, if your business does not reactivate until later in the following calendar year, any payroll filing requirements in the new year will be your responsibility until you reinstate your payroll service. 



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