Bill Tracking FAQ

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Which bills will appear in my account?

We’ll show you your upcoming bills based on your past payments and behaviors. To determine something is a regular bill, we’ll look for payments that:

  • Happened at least 4 times
  • Were made to the same provider
  • Were made on similar dates

Any payment that matches all 3 of these items, we’ll consider a regular bill and show it to you in your account.


Why is the amount and date wrong?

We estimate amounts and dates based off your past payment behavior. This means that if you usually pay $50 on the 1st day of each month for a service, we’ll tell you that your upcoming bill is also $50 and due the first day of the upcoming month.

We recommend you confirm dates and owed amounts with your service provider for accurate information.

Is it possible to manually add bills that aren't tracked from my bank account, or hide bills I don't want to see?

Not at this time. However, we’re always working on improving our product for our customers, so if you’d find this or other features useful, please let us know at

What should I do if my bills are wrong?

As mentioned, we base all bill information off your past payment behavior, which means dates and amounts may not be accurate. However, if the you believe there’s something else wrong with how we’re tracking your bill information, please let us know at


Are there any fees?

Nope! there is zero cost to use this feature!


Can I add more than one bank account?

Right now, we can only track the expenses from one connected bank.


Why hasn't my bill been marked as paid?

We haven't seen a transaction in your connected account for that bill yet. We always recommend double checking with your service provider.

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