Homebase and Square POS Integration Guide

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Combine your Square Register data with Homebase’s employee scheduling and time-tracking features to save time, money, and paperwork. The integration is available only for Square paid Register merchants as it requires access to Square’s team management features.

Only the owner of the Homebase account has access to the POS Connection.


What Syncs

  • Employee name
  • Employee phone number
  • Employee email
  • Sales 
  • Timecards

What doesn't sync

  • Employee access level
  • Employee pins 


Connect from Square

  • If you don't have a Homebase account yet
    1. Sign in to Square.
    2. Visit the Apps tab and click Get Started next to Homebase.
    3. Read and accept the permissions to allow Homebase to access your Square data.
    4. Enter a password for your new Homebase account. Click Continue.
      • If you are a multi-location merchant, you must use your Square Master account email and password to authenticate from Square.
    5. Select the Time Zone and Start of Day for your new Homebase merchant account.
    6. Click Get Started.
    7. You will be redirected to your new Homebase web dashboard.
    8. Your Square sales, employees and time cards will sync from Square to Homebase.
    9. Remind your employees to clock in and out using Homebase so all their info is properly recorded.

Connect from Homebase

  1. Sign in to your Homebase web dashboard.
  2. Select the Settings tab in the left menu
  3. Select POS Connection from the navigation bar on the left.
  4. Click Connect next to Square.
  5. Sign in to Square with your Square email and password.
    • If you are a multi-location merchant, you must use your Master account email and password (not your location email and password).
  6. When successfully authenticated from Square, you will be redirected back to your Homebase dashboard.
  7. Your Square sales, locations, employees and time cards will sync from Square and now be visible in Homebase.
  8. Remind your employees to clock in and out using Homebase so all their info is properly recorded.


Run reports

Homebase will allow owners, managers, and employees to view their sales data, with certain restrictions. This data is updated in near real-time and is accessible from either the web dashboard or the Homebase mobile app.

Square sales data in Homebase will report as Net Sales. Homebase can also import credit card tips.

If you have multiple stores Homebase will display that data individually.

If you have existing locations in Homebase, make sure that they have the same name with the exact same spelling as the locations in Square. In Square, the location names are called “Nicknames.” They will then be synced together.


Entering employee data

New employees should be entered into Square. Employee names and email address will sync into Homebase. You can edit employee information by visiting the Homebase Team page.

Time cards created using the Homebase time-clock sync between the two systems. Only completed time cards will sync. So, if a user clocks in on Homebase, they also need to clock out on Homebase. At that time, the time cards will sync to Square.

Time cards ONLY sync from the date of the integration and after employees have been imported. Homebase is unable to export timesheets retroactively to Square POS. 

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