Export timesheets to QuickBooks Online Payroll

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Note: this article is about Homebase's timesheets integration with QuickBooks Payroll, and is separate from the integration Homebase Payroll customers can use to export their payroll runs into QuickBooks for accounting purposes. Visit our article on Homebase Payroll to learn more about running payroll directly within Homebase.

Homebase integrates timesheets with QuickBooks Online Plus. (The integration is currently not available with other editions of QuickBooks.) The integration allows you to automatically push labor hours tracked through Homebase time cards to your QuickBooks account.

Info that syncs:

  • Regular hours.
  • Employee info.
    • We recommend adding your new employees to QuickBooks first. For existing employees, Homebase tries to match their info in QuickBooks, using the following data, in order: Payroll ID, Email, Phone, Name.

Info that does not sync:

  • Overtime hours or other paid hours, such as PTO or penalties.
  • Wage rates.
  • Inactive employees.
  • Connecting your accounts
    1. Sign in to your Homebase account.
    2. Select Settings in the top navigation bar.
    3. Select Payroll in the left navigation.
    4. Click Connect next to QuickBooks.
    5. Select Yes.
    6. You will be redirected to QuickBooks login screen to connect your account.
    7. To add your team once you've connected, select Team in the top navigation bar, then select Add in the top right, and import from QuickBooks.



Q: As I continue to grow, should I add employees to Homebase first or QuickBooks first?

A: We recommend adding your employees to QuickBooks first. This may happen automatically when you add employees through our POS sync with an integrated POS.

Q: If I have multiple locations do they sync all at once, or will I select which ones to connect to my QuickBooks account?

A: You will select each location individually.

Q: Why didn’t my employees export to QuickBooks?

A: If you already had a payroll ID entered from another provider, this would prevent a successful export. Remove any out of date info from Homebase employee accounts before syncing.

Q: Why did Homebase import old employees from QuickBooks?

A: Homebase will not import employees from QuickBooks if they are not active OR the employee has a release date.

Q: If I only have one QuickBooks account but multiple locations on Homebase, will my employee's hours across locations sync to QuickBooks?

A: No, QuickBooks can only sync with ONE Homebase location at a time. QuickBooks will only accept data from the most recently synced Homebase location. Any locations that were attached prior do not work. Which means QBO can only sync with ONE Homebase location at a time.

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