Homebase and GoDaddy (formally Poynt) Integration Guide

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Integrating Homebase and GoDaddy allows you to track sales data, monitor your labor cost, and utilize team management features within Homebase. Homebase is the only scheduling and time tracking software that integrates with GoDaddy.


What Syncs

  • Employee name
  • Employee phone number
  • Employee email 
  • Sales

What doesn't sync

  • Employee access level
  • TImecards

Connecting Account from GoDaddy

Step 1: Set Up Your Homebase Account on GoDaddy

  1. If you're using the GoDaddy Smart Terminal 3- The Time Clock by Homebase app is pre-installed. Click to open the app to get started and create your account
    • If you're using a different terminal, search Time Clock in the GoDaddy app marketing place and download the Time Clock by Homebase app.
  2. Create your account directly on the terminal, once completed employees can start clocking in and out on the device. 
  3. Log on to app.joinhomebase.com to manage your timecards, and settings, create schedules, and more. 

Click here to get learn more about setting up your Homebase account.


Step 2: Entering employee data

Enter employee info in GoDaddy. Employee names will sync into Homebase. You must add your employees' emails within Homebase and send them an invitation to Homebase. Click Invite Now on the Team page, next to their name.


Homebase will not import inactive employees. You can edit employee info in Homebase by visiting the Team page.

Homebase will randomly generate PINs for your employees, and GoDaddy will automatically send you an email with these PINs for your records.


Step 3: View Sales & Labor Cost Data

Homebase allows owners and managers to view sales data. This data is updated in near real-time and is accessible from either the web dashboard or the Homebase employee scheduling app.

GoDaddy sales data in Homebase will report as net sales.

If you have multiple stores, Homebase will display that data broken down by each store.


Connecting from Homebase

  1. Sign into your Homebase account.
  2. Select Settings in the the left menu
  3. Select Payroll in the left navigation.
  4. Connect to GoDaddy
  5. Log into your GoDaddy Account
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