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PayAnywhere automatically syncs all employee info, clock-ins, clock-outs, breaks, and shift reviews to Homebase.


Part 1: Connect Homebase and PayAnywhere

  1. PayAnywhere customers have a Homebase account automatically created for them. Every PayAnywhere merchant starts with a 30-day all access pass from the moment they create their Homebase account. There are two ways to claim your account:
    1. Sign in to PayAnywhere Inside and click on the Homebase tile.
    2. Look for a welcome email from Homebase and click on the link in that email.
  2. Set your password.
  3. Follow the prompts to continue the setup process.
  4. Your employee data will automatically sync over from PayAnywhere into your Homebase account. Make sure to add new employees to PayAnywhere.


Part 2: Customize your settings

There are three account settings that can only be adjusted in Homebase. They are:

  1. Breaks (turned on by default)
    1. Turned-on based on the break requirements in your state. These can be disabled in homebase by going to Settings > Breaks & Compliance
  2. Shift Feedback (turned on by default)
    1. Collects feedback from your team and can be disabled from Settings > Time Clock Options
  3. Cash Tips
    1. Allows your staff to input their cash tips and can be turned on from Settings > Time Clock Options
    2. If employees have shifts scheduled, they will be able to clock-in and out of scheduled shifts.  


Part 3: Entering employee data

All employees must be added to PayAnywhere Inside. Once they’re added to PayAnywhere their info will automatically sync to Homebase and you can track their time and schedule them.

If you terminate an employee, they must be terminated in both PayAnywhere and Homebase.


Part 4: Ways to clock-in and clock-out

There are four ways your employees can clock-in and out with Homebase and PayAnywhere:

  1. Use the PayAnywhere mobile app
  2. Use the Homebase employee scheduling app
    • This offers a GPS time stamp so you know exactly where your team clocked-in or out.
  3. Use the Homebase tablet time clock (on Android or iPad)
    • This offers the ability to take a picture to avoid buddy clock-ins.
  4. Use the Homebase web time clock
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