Lightspeed Restaurant/Retail POS

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Homebase integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant and Lightspeed Retail to offer merchants all-in-one workforce scheduling, photo-capture time clock, and complete timesheet management software. Homebase is the only scheduling and time tracking software that integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant and Lightspeed Retail.

 Only the owner of the Homebase account has access to the POS Connection.

Part 1: Connect Homebase and Lightspeed Restaurant or Retail

  1. Create a Homebase account if you do not already have one.
    • During setup, you will be prompted to choose your POS provider. Select Lightspeed Restaurant or Retail to complete the setup.
    • Make sure you use the same establishment name as your Lightspeed account.
  2. If you already have a Homebase account, sign in and click Settings in the left menu
    • Select POS Connection from the navigation bar on the left.
    • Click Connect next to Lightspeed Restaurant or Lightspeed Retail and follow the prompts to connect your account.
  3. We will then contact Lightspeed on your behalf and connect your account. This process should be completed within 24 hours, at which point you will receive a confirmation email from Homebase.
    • Homebase will automatically import employee data from Lightspeed, so we recommend waiting until the connection is made to continue setting up your account.
    • Make sure to tell your employees that all clock-ins and outs must be completed on the Homebase application so they are visible and exportable for payroll.


Part 2: Run reports

Homebase allows owners and managers to view sales data. This data is updated in near real-time and is accessible in the Reports tab of your account.

Lightspeed sales data in Homebase will report as net sales (sales, discounts, tax, and tips minus refunds).

If you have multiple stores, Homebase will display data broken down by each location.


Part 3: Entering employee data

Moving forward, all employees should be entered into Lightspeed.

Employee names, phone numbers, and email addresses will be transferred into Homebase. Employees with emails will automatically get an invitation to join Homebase. Homebase will not import inactive employees.

Homebase does not import PINS or roles (including any manager roles) from Lightspeed. You can add this or edit employee information at any time in Homebase by visiting the Team page.


Q: Does Homebase integrate with Lightspeed Restaurant EU?
A: At this time, Homebase is only able to integrate with Lightspeed US. Any accounts located outside of the US cannot be integrated with Homebase. 

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