How does Homebase Cash Out work?

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  • First, you enroll in Homebase Cash Out in the Homebase mobile app and connect your bank account.
  • Then after you have worked at least one shift and have enough earnings, you can request a Cash Out. Homebase advances your earnings directly to your bank account.
  • The cash is then repaid from your bank account once you get paid from your employer on your next payday.
  • If we are unable to withdraw all of the funds on your payday, we will continue to try to initiate a repayment. If don’t have the full amount in your bank account on payday, we may collect partial repayments (minimum of $25).

We don't assess any late fees or interest, and there are no extra fees for partial repayments, but failure to pay back a Cash Out may prevent you from using Homebase Cash Out in the future. 

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