Can I change my payback date?

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Having an accurate payback day in Cash Out is important because it helps you avoid overdraft fees, surprise early paybacks, and loss of access to Cash Out.

If you do not have an outstanding Cash Out, you can update your payback day at any time in the Cash Out settings. 

Unfortunately, if you have an outstanding Cash Out, you cannot change your payback day. We do not offer extensions and your payback date is "locked in" once you confirm and sign for your advance in the app. There's no way for us to override this process.

If your payback date isn't correct, please message us before accepting the advance at 

Don't have the funds?

Before we collect the payment, we'll check your bank account balance to make sure that it's safe to withdraw.

Then, Homebase will attempt to collect the funds every day with partial or full payments, but it is still your responsibility to make a payment.

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