Homebase and Shopify POS Integration Guide

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Homebase and Shopify have partnered to provide Shopify customers with simple Homebase account set-up and ongoing insight into Shopify Sales: Labor tracking. This integration helps Shopify x Homebase customers control costs when building schedules, running payroll and hiring new team members. 

Connected accounts sync sales data, employee info and location info from Shopify to Homebase. Homebase data does not appear in Shopify. 


Set-up for New Homebase Customers

If you have a Shopify account but have never signed up for Homebase, please visit the Homebase Page in the Shopify Marketplace

  1. Login to Shopify
  2. Visit the Homebase page in the Shopify Marketplace
  3. Click Add App
  4. Select the permissions you give to Homebase. 
    • This allows Homebase to collect employee information for easy set up, and ongoing sale info so you can track labor: sales ratios in Homebase. 
  5. With these permissions, Shopify will securely send your company info to Homebase to set up your account. 
  6. Next, you’ll land on the Create Account page. 
    • If you have team members who are scheduled but who don’t use Shopify, you can add them to Homebase. 
    • Add your Homebase password, mobile phone number (or business phone), your industry and the number of employees you have. 
    • Complete the onboarding questions
    • Add any employees that did not come over from Shopify. 


Set-up for Existing Homebase Customers

  1. Visit Homebase Settings > POS Connection
    1. Find the Shopify tile and click connect. This will shortcut you to the Shopify marketplace.
    2. Note: Only Owners have access to this setting. Not an owner and need to set up your Shopify connection? Skip to step 2. 
  2. Login to Shopify in needed
  3. Click Add App
  4. Select the permissions you give to Homebase. 
    1. This allows Homebase to collect employee information for easy set up, and ongoing sale info so you can track labor:sales ratios in Homebase. 
  5. If you have more than one location on Homebase, you will be asked to select a single location to integrate. You can always add more locations by repeating these steps. 
  6. That’s it! Your Shopify POS and Homebase are connected. 


Setting up Homebase Time Clock on your Shopify POS App

In addition to our web, mobile and tablet time clock options, we also offer a Time Clock tile for your Shopify POS application. Homebase Time tracking allows you to track your team's hours and labor, which can be found on the Timesheets page from www.joinhomebase.com or from the Homebase mobile app. 


1. Ensure that your existing Homebase account is integrated with Shopify or set up a new Homebase account by adding Homebase from your Shopify Marketplace.

2. Open Shopify POS by tapping the tile on your iPad home screen & sign into your Shopify account, if needed.

3. Enter a manager's pin and tap "+Add Tile" from the bottom of the Shopify POS home screen. 

4. Tap "App" from the list of options, then choose "Homebase" from your current app list. You will see two options appear, please ensure to select "Add to Smart Grid" to the left of the Homebase Time Clock. 


Now that you've added Homebase Time Clock to your Shopify POS App tiles, your team can follow steps below to clock in, take breaks and clock out: 


1. Tap "Homebase Time Clock" to navigate to the Homebase Time Clock. No sign-in is required, as Homebase will automatically sign into the Homebase account that is connected to your Shopify. 

2. Employees will enter their Homebase pin number and select to answer their Health & Safety questions, clock in, take breaks, and clock out. 

3. Hours worked can be found on the Timesheets page from the web or free Homebase mobile app. Tap here for more instructions on viewing your timesheets & running payroll. 
- Homebase only syncs your employees from Shopify when you first integrate. After integrating, please add your new employees directly into Homebase.

- Homebase automatically generates a pin number for your employees when they are added to Homebase. If you would like to edit your team's pin numbers to match their pin in Shopify (recommended) please tap here for instructions on editing Homebase pins. 


*In order for your team to receive Health & Safety questions or have break options, these features must be enabled on your Homebase account from the web.

*This time clock option is not yet compatible with some Schedule Enforcement features like "Prevent Early Clock In" and "Prevent Early Break Clock In." If you wish to enable these features, we recommend using the Mobile Time Clock or downloading the Homebase Time Clock directly from your iPad App Store.



What sales does Homebase sync from Shopify?
Currently, Homebase only syncs your POS net sales.


Do all Shopify users have to be in Homebase?
Homebase allows you to schedule and track time for your team. If you have employees who are scheduled or who use a time clock, add them to Homebase. 


Do all Homebase users have to be in Shopify? 

No. You can have team members in Homebase who are not in Shopify. However, if they use the POS, they should be in both places. 


Are PINs the same for Homebase and Shopify?
Not automatically. Homebase does not sync employee pin numbers from Shopify and will automatically generate a pin number for each of your employees once they are imported from Shopify. If you want to make them the same, here’s how to update PINs in Homebase


Do I have to be on a paid plan to integrate Shopify with Homebase? 

No. Homebase allows for POS integrations on our Basic plan. 

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