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Join your team on Homebase

Homebase is a tool that teams use for scheduling and time tracking. If your team is using the Homebase app, your manager will invite you to join.

Once you’ve joined, you can view your schedule, timesheets, and earning history. Plus you can trade shifts, request cover, request time off, and message your coworkers.

  1. Your manager will invite you to use the Homebase app. If you haven’t received an email or text from us, please ask your manager to invite you.
  2. Download the Homebase employee scheduling app for iOS or Android.
  3. Click the link in the email or text message you received to join Homebase.
  4. Create your password and follow the prompts to sign-in.



Our free mobile app is available to any employee of a business on Homebase.

App Store Link

Google Play Store Link


Getting the App

There are three ways to get the app once your manager has added you to the team. 

  • Text invite - if your manager has included your phone number, Homebase will send you a text message with a link to download the app. 
  • Email invite - if your manager has included your email, Homebase will send you a text message with a link to download the app. 
  • Join your team in your app. Some businesses allow employees to join the team by downloading the app and finding your business. Download the app, select Join an Existing Team, and follow the steps to find your employer's business. 


Sign Up

Use your phone or your email to set up an account. If your phone or email address are not found when you try to set up your account, please alert your manager. They can add your information to Homebase and then you can sign up. Info on signing in is here


Multiple Accounts
If you work, or have worked, for more than one business that uses Homebase, you'll see all your accounts in the app. 


No Longer with the Company

Once you leave a Homebase company, you can continue to use the Homebase app. Why would you?

  • Your time cards are a great way to keep track of what you earned.
  • Your profile can double as a resume (click the share link to see it!)
  • You might find yourself working at another company the uses Homebase and you'll already have the app! 


Sign In to the App


There are two ways to sign in: 

Sign in by Email

1. Enter the email address you used to sign up. 

2. Enter your password. Use the forgot password process to reset your password. 

3. Tap continue. 


Sign in by Phone

1. On the sign in screen, enter your phone number and tap next. 


2. Confirm you phone number and tap send code. 


3. If your phone number is associated with your account, you will received a text message with a 4 digit code. Enter the code and tap continue. 



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