Add a post-tax deduction for an employee

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 Set up a post-tax deduction for an employee

  1. Login to your Homebase account
  2. Navigate to the Team > Roster and select your team member
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Job Details section of their profile
  4. Click "+Add a deduction" under Garnishments and Post-Tax Deductions
  5. Select Type: Miscellaneous
  6. Enter the required information to complete the set up. This includes:
    • Name of the deduction (will appear on the employee’s pay statement)
    • Start date of the deduction - This date is linked to the pay day of the first payroll the deduction will apply to.
      • Example: if your pay period ends on September 10 and your payday is on September 15, your deduction start date must be on or before September 15 in order to be included on the payroll.
    • End date of the deduction (optional)
    • Amount
    • Flat amount or percentage of pay
      • Deductions based upon a percentage of pay will calculate on the employee's gross wages. For example, a 10% post-tax deduction on $500 of gross wages will result in a deduction of $50.
    • Maximum amount to be deducted in total 
    • Annual maximum (optional)
  7. Click Save

Does Homebase support deduction / garnishment payment to third parties?

Homebase does not support remittance of any garnishments to third party agencies with the exception of child support garnishments. Homebase Payroll supports remittance of child support garnishment payments in all 50 states and Washington D.C.! Read more about child support garnishments in this Help Center article. 

For non-child support garnishment types, you need to send the payment to the garnishing agency or appropriate party. When you run a payroll including a post-tax deduction for an employee, you’ll see notifications regarding the requirement to send this payment in the payroll confirmation screen & on the payroll details page: 


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