Add team members to Payroll

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You can add team members to payroll via the Team Roster. You must add all of the required info below for each person. Once you have all the info entered for an individual, click on their name and head to their Job Details tab, then toggle ON next to "Team member is included in payroll." 



Job Details tab

Personal Info tab

Employee (W-2)


  • Start Date
  • Wage Rate
  • Classification
    • Must be set to W-2 Employee
  • “Team member is included in payroll” toggle is set to ON


  • Legal First Name and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Home Address (Street, City, State, and ZIP Code)

Suggested: Tax Withholding (optional for eligibility, but do enter this info if you are able)

Contractor (1099)


  • Wage Rate 
  • Classification
    • Must be set to 1099 Contractor
  • Contractor Type
    • Must set as Individual or Business


  • Legal First Name and Last Name
  • Social Security Number (if set to Individual) or EIN (if set to Business)
  • Business Name (if set to Business)


Homebase's Onboarding and Document Storage features allow you to also configure payroll documents such as the W-4, state tax withholding, W-9, and direct deposit collection to send to employees and contractors to fill in all the necessary information to get paid. 


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