Federal and State Payroll Tax Forms Filed By Homebase

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As a reporting agent, Homebase will file a number of federal, state, and local tax forms on behalf of your company. Homebase will make copies of filed forms available to our clients in your account. There are a few tax filings that do not require actual forms but are instead filed electronically. Homebase will provide either a tax liability report or a tax coupon in these circumstances.

Read more about Homebase Payroll Tax filings and frequently asked question in this Help Center article: Homebase Payroll Tax Filings FAQ

The following is a list of forms generally supported by Homebase. 


  • Form 944 - Employer's Annual Federal Tax Return
  • Form 940 & Schedule A - Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return
  • Form 941 & Schedule B - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Report of Tax Liability for Semiweekly Schedule Depositors
  • Form W-2, W-3, and W-2 Correction - Employer copies of Wage and Tax Statement and Corrected Wage and Tax Statement
  • Form 1099 & 1096 - Employer copies of Non-employee compensation


  • Form AL A-1 - Alabama Quarterly W/H Return
  • Form AL A-3 - Alabama Annual W/H Reconciliation
  • Form AL A-6 - Alabama Department of Revenue Monthly Return
  • Form AL UC-CR4 - Alabama Quarterly Contribution
  • Various local occupational license fee reports


  • Form AK 07-1004 - Alaska Quarterly Contribution Report


  • Form A1-WP - Payment of AZ Income Tax Withholding 
  • Form A1-QRT - Quarterly Withholding Tax Return 
  • Form A1-R - Withholding Reconciliation Return
  • Form UC-018 - Unemployment Tax and Wage Report


  • Form AR3MAR - Arkansas Annual W/H Reconciliation 
  • Form AR 941M - State of Arkansas Monthly W/H Report
  • Form AR DWS-ARK-209B - Arkansas Quarterly Contribution Report


  • Form DE34- CA Report of New Hire
  • Form DE88- Payroll Tax Deposit Coupon
  • Form DE 9 - Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages 
  • Form DE 9C - Combined Payroll Tax Payment Coupon


  • Form DR 1093 - Annual Transmittal of State W-2 and 1099 Forms 
  • Form DR 1094 - Income Withholding Tax Return
  • Form UITR-1 - Unemployment Insurance Tax Report
  • Form Various local returns


  • Form CT UC-5A - Connecticut Correction of EE Quarterly Earnings Report 
  • Form CT UC-2- Connecticut Employer Contribution 
  • Form CT 941 - Connecticut Return for Annual Filer 
  • Form CT 941 DRS - Connecticut Quarterly W/H Return
  • Form CT W3 - Connecticut Annual W/H Reconciliation 


  • Form DE W1 - Delaware Withholding Income Tax Return for monthly filers
  • Form DE W1A - Delaware Withholding Income Tax Return for eighth monthly filers
  • Form DE W1Q - Delaware Withholding Income Tax Return for quarterly filers
  • Form DE W3/W3A - Delaware Annual W/H Reconciliation 
  • Form DE UC-8 - Employer's Contribution and Wage Report 
  • Various local returns

District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)

  • Form FR900A - Employer's Withholding Tax - Annual Return 
  • Form FR900M - Employer's Withholding Tax - Monthly Return
  • Form FR900Q - Employer's Withholding Tax - Quarterly Return
  • Form DC FR-900P - District of Columbia Payment Voucher for Withholding Tax 
  • Form DC UC-30 - Employer's Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 
  • Form DOES PFL-30 -  Employer's Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 


  • Form FL RT-6 - Florida Quarterly Contribution


  • Form G-7 Monthly - Quarterly Return for Monthly Payers 
  • Form G-7 Quarterly- Quarterly Return for Quarterly Payers 
  • Form G-7/Sch B - Quarterly Return for Semi-Weekly Payers
  • Form GA-V -  Withholding Payment Voucher 
  • Form G-1003 - Income Statement Transmittal
  • Form GA G-7 - Georgia Quarterly Return for Semi Weekly Filers
  • Form GA G-7 Q-A - Georgia Quarterly W/H Return  for Annual Filers
  • Form DOL-4 Part I & II/DOL-4N - Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report


  • Form HI HW-14/VP-1 - Hawaii Withholding Tax Return
  • Form HI HW-3 - Hawaii Annual Withholding Reconciliation 
  • Form HI UC-B6 - Hawaii Quarterly Contribution


  • Form 910 - Withholding Payment Voucher
  • Form Form 967 - Idaho Annual W/H Reconciliation 
  • Form TAX020 - Idaho Employer Quarterly UI Tax Report


  • Form IL-941 - Illinois Withholding Income Tax Return
  • Schedule P -  Illinois Withholding Schedule 
  • Form IL-501 - Illinois Withholding Tax Payment 
  • Form IL UI MTHLY WG - Illinois TaxNet Monthly Wage Report
  • Form IL W-3 -  Illinois Annual W/H Reconciliation
  • Form UI-3/40 - Employer's Contribution and Wage Report


  • Form WH-1 - Withholding Tax Voucher
  • Form WH-3 - Annual Withholding Tax 
  • Form UC-5A- Quarterly Wage and Employment Report


  • Form IA 44-095 -  Iowa Quarterly Withholding Return 
  • Form IA 65-5300 - Return/Wage detail Iowa Quarterly Contribution
  • Form IA 44-105 -  Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance Voucher
  • Form IA VSP - Iowa Annual W/H Reconciliation


  • Form KW-3 - Annual Withholding Tax Return & Transmittal 
  • Form K-CNS 100 - Quarterly Wage Report and Unemployment Tax Return 
  • Form KW-5 - Withholding Tax Deposit Report 
  • Form KW-3E - Annual Withholding Tax Return (for use by EFT filers only)


  • Form KY0033-138 - Occupational License Fee (Mercer County)
  • Form K-1 - Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld for one day, twice monthly, monthly, or quarterly filers
  • Form - K-3 Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld for annual filers
  • Form 42A806 - Transmitter Report for Filing Kentucky Wage Statements 
  • Form UI-3 - Employer's Quarterly Unemployment Wage and Tax Report 
  • Form Various local returns


  • Form L-3 - Transmittal of Withholding Tax Statements 
  • Form L-1 - Employer's Return of State Income Tax Withheld 
  • Form L1-V - Withholding Payment Voucher 
  • Form LDOL ES4 - Employer's Wage and Tax Report 


  • Form 900ME - Employer's Payment Voucher for Income Tax Withheld
  • Form ME-UC-1 - Quarterly Return of Unemployment Contributions 
  • Form 941/C1-ME - Combined Filing for Income Tax Withholding & Unemployment Contributions 
  • Form W-3ME - Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld


  • Form MW506/MW506M -  Employer Return of Income Tax Withheld 
  • Form MW508 - Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation Report 
  • Form MD DLLR/DUI 15 - Maryland Unemployment Insurance Quarterly Employment Report


  • Form M-941 - Employer’s Return of Income Taxes Withheld 
  • Form M-3 - Reconciliation of Massachusetts Income Taxes Withheld for Employers 
  • Paid Family & Medical Leave Quarterly Filings
  • Form Quarterly Employment and Wage Detail Report 


  • Form MI 5080/160 -  Michigan Monthly/Quarterly Return (Withholding portions only)
  • Form MI Sales, Use and Withholding Tax Annual Return (Withholding portions only)
  • Form MI 447 - Transmittal of Mag Media reporting of W-2 
  • Form MI UIA 1028 - Michigan Employer's Quarterly Wage/Tax Report
  • Form MI 501 ALLIANCE - Transmittal of Mag Media reporting of W-2 
  • Various local returns


  • Form MN MDES-1 - Minnesota Quarterly Contributions
  • Minnesota Quarterly Withholding Worksheet for quarterly filers
  • Minnesota Quarterly Withholding Worksheet for annual filers
  • Minnesota Income Tax Withheld Coupon


  • Form 89-140 - Annual Information Return 
  • Form 89-105 - Employer's Withholding Tax Return 
  • Form UI-2 - Employer's Quarterly Wage Report


  • Form MO-941 - Employer's Return of Income Taxes Withheld 
  • Form MO-941P - Quarter-Monthly Withholding Tax Payments 
  • Form MO-W3 - Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements
  • Form MODES-4-7 - Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 
  • Form MODES-10B - Quarterly Wage Report Continuation Sheet
  • Various local returns


  • Form MT MW-1 - Montana Withholding Payment Coupon
  • Form MT MW-3 - Montana Annual W/H Reconciliation 
  • Form MT UI-5 - Montana Quarterly Contribution 


  • Form W-3N -  Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld
  • Form 941N - Withholding Return for quarterly and annual filers
  • Form 501N - Monthly Withholding Deposit 
  • Form UI 11T - Combined Tax Report 


  • Form NUCS-4072 - Employer's Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 
  • Form TXR-020.04 - Modified Business Tax Return

New Hampshire

  • Form NH DES 200A - New Hampshire Quarterly Contribution 

New Jersey

  • Form NJ WR-30 - New Jersey Employer Report of Wages Paid
  • Form NJ-927 - New Jersey Employer's Quarterly Report 
  • Form NJ-927W - New Jersey Employer's Quarterly Report for Weekly Filers
  • Form NJ-ERW2-S - New Jersey Submitter Form 
  • Form NJ-W-3 -  New Jersey Annual Withholding Reconciliation 

New Mexico

  • Form CRS-1 -  Combined Report Form
  • Form RPD-41072 - Annual Withholding Form
  • Form ES-903A - Employer's Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report
  • Form WC-1 - Workers' Compensation Fee Form 

New York

  • Form NYS-1 - Return of Tax Withheld Payment Coupon 
  • Form NYS-45 - Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting, and Unemployment Insurance Return
  • Form MTA-305 - Employer's Quarterly Metropolitan Transit Tax Form

North Carolina

  • Form NC 3 - Annual Withholding Reconciliation 
  • Form NC 3M - Annual Withholding Reconciliation (Monthly Filers)
  • Form NC 5P - Withholding Payment Voucher 
  • Form NC 5 - Withholding Return (Quarterly or Monthly Filers) 
  • Form NC 5Q - Withholding Return (Semi-weekly payers only)
  • Quarterly Tax Payment Voucher
  • Form NCUI 101 - Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report
  • Form NCUI 101B - Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report

North Dakota

  • Form ND F-306 - North Dakota Quarterly W/H Return
  • Form ND F-307 - North Dakota Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements 
  • Form ND NDUC-303 - North Dakota Quarterly Contribution


  • Form IT-941 - Employer's Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld
  • Form SD-101 - Employers Payment of School District Income Tax Withheld
  • Form OH IT-501 - Ohio Income Tax Withheld Deposit Payment
  • Form IT-942 - Employer's Quarterly Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld
  • Form SD-141 - School District Employer's Annual Reconciliation
  • Form IT-3 - Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements
  • Form JFS-20125 - Unemployment Compensation Quarterly Tax Return 
  • Form 11 - Employer's Municipal Tax Withholding Statement
  • Various local returns


  • Form WTH 10001 -  Oklahoma Wage Withholding Tax Return 
  • Form WTH 10004 - Oklahoma Withholding Payment Coupon 
  • Form OK W-3 - Oklahoma Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements
  • Form OES-3 - Employer's Quarterly Contribution Report 


  • Form Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation Report (WR)
  • Form Combined Payroll Tax Payment Coupon (OTC)*
  • Form Quarterly Combined Tax Report (OQ)
  • Form Oregon Quarterly Statewide Transit Tax Withholding Return (Form OR-STT-1) 
  • Form Statewide Transit Tax Employee Detail Report (Form OR-STT-2) 
  • Form State Withholding Tax (Oregon Schedule B) 
  • Form Employee Detail Report (FORM 132)
  • Various local returns


  • Form PA W-3 - Employer Quarterly Return of Withholding Tax 
  • Form REV-1667 AS - W-2 Transmittal 
  • Form UC-2 - Employer's Unemployment Insurance Tax Report 
  • Form Detail UC-2 - Employer's Report for Unemployment Compensation 
  • Various local returns

Rhode Island

  • Form RI-W-3 - Rhode Island Annual W/H Reconciliation
  • Form RI State W2 - Rhode Island Income Tax Transmittal Form for the Reporting of W2 Information 
  • Form RI 941 - Rhode Island Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return and Reconciliation 
  • Rhode Island Income Tax Withholding Coupon 
  • Form RI TX-17 - Rhode Island Quarterly Contributions

South Carolina

  • Form WH-1612 - W2/Magnetic Media Transmittal Form
  • Form WH-1606 - Withholding Fourth Quarter/Annual Reconciliation/W-2 Transmittal 
  • Form WH-1605 - Withholding Quarterly Tax Return 
  • Form WH-1601 - Withholding Tax Payment 
  • Form UCE-101/120 -  Employer Quarterly Contribution and Wage Reports 
  • Form UCE-120A - Employer's Quarterly Continuation Sheet

South Dakota

  • Form SD DOL-UID-21 - South Dakota Quarterly Contribution


  • Form LB-0456 - Premium Report 
  • Form LB-0851- Wage Report 


  • Form C-3- Employer's Quarterly Report


  • Form TC-941- Utah Withholding Return 
  • Form TC-941R - Annual Withholding Reconciliation 
  • Form 33H - Employer's Contribution Report
  • Form 33HA - Employer's Quarterly Wage List


  • Form VT WHT-430 - Vermont Withholding Tax Payment 
  • Form VT WHT-434- Vermont Annual W/H Reconciliation
  • Form VT WHT-436 - Quarterly Withholding Reconciliation
  • Form VT C-101 - Vermont Quarterly Contribution 


  • Form VA-6 - Employer's Annual or Final Summary of Income Tax Withheld (VA-6)
  • Form VA-16 - Employer's Payments Quarterly Reconciliation and Return of Income Tax Withheld
  • Form VA-5 - Employer's Return of Virginia Income Tax Withheld (Electronic Only) 
  • Form VA-15 - Employer's Voucher for Payment of Income Tax Withheld (Semiweekly) 
  • Form VA-W - W-2/1099 Transmittal
  • Form VEC-FC-21 - Employer's Quarterly Payroll Report
  • Form VEC-FC-20 - Employer's Quarterly Tax Report 


  • Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Detail Report
  • Labor & Industries Employer's Quarterly Report
  • Employer's Paid Family & Medical Leave Quarterly Wages and Hour Report

West Virginia

  • Form WV/IT-103 - Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld
  • Form WV/IT-101V - Employer's Monthly Return of Income Tax Withheld 
  • Form WV/IT101Q - Employer's Quarterly Return of Income Tax Withheld 
  • Form WV/IT-105 - W-2 Transmitter Summary
  • Form WVUC-A-154 - Quarterly Contribution Report 
  • Various local returns


  • Form WI WT-6 - Wisconsin Tax Deposit Report
  • Form WI WT-7 - Wisconsin Annual W/H Reconciliation
  • Form WI UCT-101 - Wisconsin Quarterly Contribution 


  • Form WYO058 - Quarterly UI Summary Report/Wage Listing


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