Child Support Garnishments with Homebase Payroll

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Setup a child support garnishment for an employee

  1. Login to your Homebase account
  2. Navigate to the Team > Roster and select your team member
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Job Details section of their profile
  4. Click "+Add a deduction" under Garnishments and Post-Tax Deductions
  5. Select Type: Child Support Garnishment
  6. Enter the other information provided on the notice you received regarding this garnishment
    • If you have any questions or concerns about the required information, contact the garnishing agency directly for clarification
    • The External ID may be referred to differently by the child support agency in your state. This can sometimes be known as the Case ID, Case Number, Garnishment Number etc.
      • This is used to match the payment Homebase sends to the agency to the correct employee, so it is very important! 
  7. Click Save

Does Homebase support Child Support Garnishment remittance?

Homebase Payroll supports remittance of child support garnishment payments in all 50 states and Washington D.C.!

What does a Child Support Garnishment look like on payroll? 

When you run payroll for an employee with an active child support garnishment, Homebase will deduct the appropriate amount from the employee's pay as a post-tax deduction. The deduction amount is determined by the settings in place on the employee's profile in the garnishment that you setup. 

After you submit payroll, Homebase will debit your company bank account for the child support deduction amount in addition to any taxes and direct deposit payments on the payroll. We will then remit this child support payment to the agency directly on the first business day following the check date of your payroll. 

  • For example, if your payroll payday is on a Friday, Homebase will send the child support agency the garnished amount on the following Monday. 


If you need to set up a non-child support related garnishment, you can follow the steps outlined in this Help Center article. 




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