Square Administrator Access

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Giving Homebase admin access to your Square payroll account is easy! Follow the steps below and let our team know if you have any questions. 

Log into your Square payroll account.

Step 1: Click Staff > Payroll in the bottom left corner.




Step 2: Select Payroll Team > Add Team Member.


Step 3: Create a new team member. The only required fields here are name and email with the primary identifier being the email.

Email: payrolldata@joinhomebase.com

First Name: Payroll

Last Name: Admin

Employment Type: Contractor



Step 4: Select Staff > Team from the left sidebar.

Step 5: Select the new profile from Team Members.

Step 6: Click on the Payroll Admin's profile and select Finish Setup.




Step 7: Toggle Full Access to On for this user. 



Step 8: Set a random PIN to complete the profile setup and you're done! 


Still have questions? Feel free to reach out and we’d be glad to help!

Click here to log in your Homebase account and contact support.


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