Applicants using Homebase

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Part 1: Sign in to your Homebase profile

If you've applied for a job and got an email or text from Homebase, this means your potential employer is using Homebase Hiring (a job posting platform).

  1. Sign in to your personal profile by clicking the link Homebase sent you via email. You will then log in via your phone number to access your profile.
  2. Add your personal information for your potential employer to review.
  3. This profile is only used for your potential employer to see the information you give them.

If your potential employer is interested, they will reach out to you. Homebase cannot give you any information on the status of your application or any information about your potential employer. 

Part 2: Interviews

If your potential employer is interested in interviewing you, you will receive an email and text from the employer with a time for the interview. If you'd like to communicate with the employer or need to reschedule the interview, reply to the email or text they sent. There is not a way for you to request to reschedule the interview any other way at this time.


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