New Company Registration for Michigan

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Tax Agency

Michigan Department of Revenue

Type of Tax

State Withholding Income Tax
State Unemployment Income Tax (SUI)

Registration Steps:

  1. Create a username and password for Michigan Department of Treasury
    • Go to the Michigan Treasury Online
    • Select Create My User Profile
    • Create User Profile
    • Create a username and password and security questions and answers
    • Confirmation will populate and you will receive a confirmation email
  2. Combined registration for a Treasury Account Number and Unemployment Insurance Agency number
    • Go to the Michigan Treasury Online
    • Click on “Log in to your account”
    • You will now be in the (MTO) homepage
    • Under Tax Services, select Start a New Business (E-Registration)
    • You will now be in MiWAM Employer Registration
    • Select Start eRegistration
    • Complete 12 step questionnaire
    • Certify and submit
    • Save and print copy of confirmation number and application
    • Your application is recognized on the Treasury's system within 15 minutes.
  3. Connect your MTO user profile to the business account
    • Return to MTO and start interacting with Treasury
    • Enter username and password and log in
    • Under Tax Services, select “Manage Business Registration”
    • Select create a new relationship
    • Enter Treasury Number
    • Select all applicable taxes you are responsible for
    • Complete security questions
    • Retrieve emailed access code and copy and paste code into MTO and submit
    • You will be directed back to dashboard showing the connected account

Update your Homebase account with your Treasury Number and your Unemployment account number. Your account numbers are required for all Michigan interactions to ensure your accounts are accurate
If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Department of Treasury at 517-636-6925.
For additional assistance, Michigan Treasury tutorials are available.

Type of Tax

State Unemployment Income Tax (SUI)

  1. Create a username and password for Michigan Department of Labor and Economic

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Last Updated 11/1/2021

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