New Company Registration for Virginia

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State Tax Agencies

Virginia Department of Taxation
Virginia Employment Commission (VEC)

Types of Tax

Withholding Tax
State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Tax

Virginia Withholding Tax
The Virginia Department of Taxation administers the state’s income tax withholding. Link to agency website:

Apply for Virginia Withholding Tax Account Number

Ways to apply:

Virginia State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Tax

The Unemployment Insurance Division of the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) administers the state’s unemployment compensation program. Link to VEC website

Apply for Virginia SUI Tax Account Number

Ways to apply:

This article is not intended to be tax, legal, financial, or HR advice. Rules and regulations change over time and can vary by location. Consult with a lawyer, accountant, Tax, or HR expert for specific guidance.

Last Updated 11/1/2021


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