New Company Registration for Alaska

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Tax Agency

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (AKDOL)


Type of Tax

State Unemployment Tax (UI)

Any person, firm, corporation, or other type of organization for some portion of a day has employed one or more persons is required by law to register

Registration Steps:

  1. Create a username and password and register for AKDOL Account Number
    • Go to
    • Select register for myAlaska Account
    • Create a Username or password and security questions and answers
    • Ensure you have all information needed for registration including knowing your NAICS
    • Select Start Registration
    • Complete registration

Update your Homebase account with your Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (AKDOL). Your account number is required for all Alaska interactions to ensure your account is accurate

Please call the AKDOL at 907-465-2757 or email: with any questions.  Additional information is available from their employer tax handbook.  

Power of Attorney Required

  • You will also be asked to complete Alaska AKDOL Power of Attorney
  • Check cannot file and pay on your behalf if this is not completed
  • Alaska requires POA to be notarized        
  • Once this POA is completed and notarized, send back to Check immediately

Note: Alaska does not impose a state income tax.

*Note: Homebase uses a payroll partner, Check for backend payroll processing.

This article is not intended to be tax, legal, financial, or HR advice. Rules and regulations change over time and can vary by location. Consult with a lawyer, accountant, Tax, or HR expert for specific guidance.

Last Updated 12/17/2021

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