New Company Registration for West Virginia

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Tax Agency

West Virginia Department of Revenue 

WorkForce West Virginia


Type of Tax

State Withholding Income Tax

Unemployment Insurance Tax (UI)

Registration Steps:

  1. Combined registration for West Virginia State withholding and West Virginia Unemployment
    • Go to West Virginia Secretary of State Website
    • Click on Register a new business
    • Click on One Stop Business Portal
    • Create a user account
    • Complete your user account registration, including setting up a password and security questions and click register
    • Follow and complete remaining registration steps

Update your Homebase account with your West Virginia Withholding Tax Account Number and Unemployment Compensation Employer Number. Your Account Numbers are required for all West Virginia Department of Revenue and WorkForce West Virginia  interactions to ensure your account is accurate.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please call agency at 304-558-8000 or email


Tax Agency

West Virginia locals


Type of Tax

Local Withholding Income Tax

Registration Steps:

  1. Register for local Withholding Account ID

Several cities require a local tax on individuals working within their jurisdiction. To learn about your requirements in this area, begin by contacting the city/county government where your business location(s) in West Virginia will be located. You should also check with each city/county government where you intend to transact business or have a business presence.

Update your Homebase account with all local account number(s). Your local account number(s) is required for all West Virginia local tax interactions to ensure your account(s) is accurate.

This article is not intended to be tax, legal, financial, or HR advice. Rules and regulations change over time and can vary by location. Consult with a lawyer, accountant, Tax, or HR expert for specific guidance.

Last Updated 12/17/2021


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